If you came here thinking you’d find before-and-after photos of Courtney Cox after multiple plastic surgeries, you are sorely mistaken. Sorer than her lips when she’s forced to smile for a red carpet photograph.

No, this is about another member from the 90’s sitcom who has undergone drastic changes. At a star-studded benefit for legendary, television creator James Burrows, the cast of “Friends” was asked to reunite at a table for a photo. The results of that photograph will shock you.

Friends Reunion

Notice anything unusual?

Friends Reunion - Matt Perry .jpg

That’s right. In the 13 years since “Friends” went off the air, Matthew Perry has somehow transformed into a 70-year old, bald man. Incredible. Believe me, I was as shocked as you are to discover these photo had not been doctored in any way.

Fans of the show should know that Perry is no stranger to drastic physical transformations. I think we all remember his weight fluctuations throughout the course of the NBC series.

Here he is looking like his normal self during the show’s first season:

Chandler - Season 1.jpg

Here he is after he experienced drastic weight loss during season 3:

Chandler - Season 3

And, here he is making up for lost time by gaining all of that weight back – and more – before the beginning of season 5:

Chandler - Season 5

But, even with all of these warning signs, nothing – and I mean nothing – could have prepared us for this:

Friends Reunion - Matt Perry 1-2

Friends Reunion - Matt Perry 2

Friends Reunion - Matt Perry 3

Wow. Irrefutable evidence that Matthew Perry is either aging at 3x the normal speed, or he’s some kind of old-man werewolf and this photo was taken during a full moon. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

At the very least, we know that Matthew has friends who are there for him. Even when the rain starts to pour. Even when they’ve been there before. Because, he’s there for them too – for the next 2-6 years he has left on Earth.


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